Friday, April 13, 2012

Infertiles & Their Pets

My childhood cat. Oh, how I miss him, even if I did have to use an inhaler to be around him
 (my step-father got him in the divorce.)

The last couple of weeks have been insane. This semester of grad school is winding down (only 1 month to go), and with it comes the slew of final papers, projects, and presentations. On top of that, I started a new medication last month, and I have been crazy tired and forgetful. Hence, the blog has taken a backseat the last few weeks (and therefore, reading your blog(s), too).

...which leads me to the subject of pets (random, I know). I know many people have pets, especially when they don't have any children. I personally don't have any pets right now, but part of me really wants something to cuddle when I get home from work. I have come to the conclusion, though, that I would not be a good pet owner right now. Limited time, resources, and space lead me to believe that I wouldn't be able to give a pet the attention and space it would deserve.

Anyway, when I was visiting my best friend several months ago, the topic of pets came up. One of our other close friends has a dog (and recently, after some infertility problems, became pregnant). Another woman in the conversation then stated:
"Why do people without kids think they need to get pets? It's stupid."

I was a little taken aback by the statement. I don't think she understands the need to have something to come home to. Not everyone is a pet person. In fact, I never really thought I would want pets, but I do. Really badly. I want to know that someone is depending on me. That someone loves me and cares for me. That I need them just as they need me. I don't have those precious little kids yet, but I totally understand why others have pets, infertile or not.

Darn those pet allergies!

---Mrs. M.


  1. What an insensitive comment! It doesn't even make sense. Of course people without kids would want pets. And hello!! Even people who have kids like having pets!

  2. She made quite a broad statement - I know plenty of childless couples who don't have pets and lots of couples with kids who have pets. Plus, who is she to judge if an infertile couple chooses to fill a void with a pet? I understand why her comment irked you as I can feel my temper flaring just reading about it! :)
    I've had a dog for five years and she is spoiled silly by my husband and I. I love having something to cuddle with and someone to take care of. Over the years I have resisted the urge to get another puppy, because I know I just want it to fill my longing for a baby. However, we found a stray kitten this summer and I couldn't help myself...he is now a permanent fixture in our home. I still crave having the opportunity to hold my baby in my arms, but my furry babies sure do comfort me as I travel this road of infertility.
    I love your cat picture. What a cutie! I hope that someday soon you'll be able to fill your home with lots of babies...both human and furry!

  3. That is a terribly insensitive comment...and not true. Though, I have a fabulous kitty...I know lots of people without children who don't have pets.
    Little Bailey is my baby right now...Even though she is actually the crabbiest cat I have ever known. She often sits on my lap, but doesn't want me to touch her...If I do pet her more than a couple times, she tries to bite me. So much for having something tiny to snuggle with :)

  4. Glad to see you are back! I hope the end of the semester goes well.

  5. People are so insensitive. I have a cat and a dog and they are my fur babies. I got them both before I knew I would have a hard time having my own human baby. I really don't know what I would do without them. They get it when I'm sad and I never feel alone. People sometimes just don't think first.

  6. I know you're busy with your graduate studies but I thought I'd pop in and let you know that I'd like to give you the One Lovely Blog award. See my post here for details. :)

    1. THANK YOU!!!! I will do this soon, and I appreciate you thinking of me :) I am so flattered.


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