Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Update

Holy moly, folks. It has been insane the last few weeks. Work. Grad school. Illness. Mr. M. leaving. A dear friend dying. I have very much neglected this blog (and all of yours, again) because life just got way too busy for anything extra.

So, to bring you a little up-to-speed, let's talk about Mr. M. He left the state over a week ago to return west and finish his degree. He has one class left to graduate, and he is doing it! I am so proud of him. I also asked him to guest post for this blog, so I'm hoping he pulls through for me. I will be joining him in a few weeks, but I miss him terribly in the meantime.

I also had a dear friend pass away this weekend from cancer. I knew the end was nearing, but it still came as a heartbreak when it actually happened. I will be flying across the country to attend the funeral and help the family for awhile before I finally join Mr. M. Thankfully, I have understanding professors who are allowing me to take my finals early in order to do this.

So, I need to finish my assistantship, schoolwork, finals, and packing for my months-long excursion across the U.S. before next Tuesday. So, I might be neglectful for just a little longer.

In the meantime, know this: Mother's Day is also my 6-year anniversary, but I will be spending it with a family who just lost their own mother, while battling with my own grief of loosing a special lady in my life and not being able to be a mother myself (all while missing my husband).


What a doozie.

Thank goodness I'm on some anti-depressants right now, & thanks for hanging with me through my slacker-ishness.

---Mrs. M.


  1. Welcome back! I was hoping for some news from you soon, although I'm so sorry to hear that part of the reason for your absence was the loss of your friend. Good luck with all that you need to pack in during the next few weeks, and I will look forward to a guest post by the awesome Mr. M., and ... happy anniversary! (Let's not think about the other aspects of that day.)

    PS: Cute yellow shoes!

  2. Wow hun, it sounds like you are really going through the mill at the moment. I Hope you find and are able to give some comfort with your friends family. I am so sorry you are going through this, especially so close to an unhelpful hallmark holiday. I will be thinking of you this weekend and I am sending virtual hugs.

  3. Oh my, you've got a lot on your plate right now! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. I'm sure her family will appreciate your help during this rough time. Grieving is hard work - remember to also take care of yourself during this time. I hope time flies for you so you'll be joining your husband before you know it! I'm sending you lots of hugs!!!

  4. Hi - I'm new and found you through Ann (The Infertile Optimist). Mother's Day does suck so bad for us infertiles. And it sounds like you have more reasons to be blue... what a bummer.

    I think I'm going to plan something special this year for my own not-a-mother-yet Mother's Day too... which will definitely involve staying far far away from Facebook and Sunday brunches.

    Good luck with getting all your loose ends tied up!

  5. Holy moley. That's quite the time. So sorry about your loss. It's wonderful that you are able to be there for the funeral and remember with others. I hope things get a little less stressful soon.


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