Monday, May 7, 2012

One Lovely Blog

I started this blog in February as a way to chronicle my feelings and experiences with infertility. I received a renewed energy in dealing with this personal struggle, and I thought to myself, "If I can help just one person, somewhere, deal with the pain of this trial, then I will have succeeded." Little did I know that  that one person might just be me. 

Seriously Not Pregnant was posted on LFCA just weeks after I started writing, and with it came a host of new online friends. One of those has been Ann at The Infertile Optimist. The name of her blog says it all. I love that even though infertility is a hardship and warrants venting and tears, she is realistic and hopeful throughout her daily experiences. Optimism doesn't mean constant happiness, but it does mean that you choose to find hope in this mortal life. Ann--thank you for your kindness and for thinking of me  when you saw this award.

Here are the steps to follow after receiving this award:
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Seven Random Facts about me:

1. I used to hate pancakes--so much so that I would leave my apartment when my college roommates had "Pancake Night" every Sunday evening. Once I married Mr. M., I finally had good pancakes (he is a great cook), and surprise! I like them now. 

2. After I got married, I lost nearly 30 pounds on Weight Watchers. Over the last two years, however, I have gained part of that back. Nothing like stress to contribute to weight gain. Ha! 

3. I have never had alcohol, tobacco, tea, coffee, or any drugs, and I don't drink caffeine. The most exciting thing I have taken was Percocet when I had surgery, and that made me have crazy dreams, so I stopped taking it. 

4. Speaking of surgery, I had an appendectomy when I was almost 23. I stopped taking birth control pills shortly thereafter. Randomly, I quite enjoyed having surgery, as it gave me a chance to sleep and have someone take care of me. 

5. If I could travel anywhere, it would be to Italy. Someday I'll make it outside of the U.S.

6. The first time I went to Disneyland, I was also 23. I handed my over my ticket, walked into the park, and before I even went through the main gate, I cried. Mr. M. got it on camera because it was so ridiculous. I was just so stinkin' happy. Five minutes later I saw Minnie Mouse and lost it all over again. 

7. I generally do not watch horse movies. They make me break out in hives. The horses, not the movies, that is.

I would like to give this award to the following bloggers:

---Mrs. M.


  1. Awww, you are so deserving of this award :-) And thanks for the nomination!

  2. I'm so glad that I discovered your blog. I ditto what Elizabeth wrote!

  3. Thanks for the award! #6 on your list makes me go "awww." I can totally relate...I love Disney World!


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